Artists and Estates

We are dedicated to uncovering and championing artistic legacies with Eastern European roots, actively seeking and representing estates within this rich cultural heritage.

Situated in London with profound Eastern European connections, we adeptly navigate the intricate dynamics of the art world in both regions. This unique positioning allows us to offer unparalleled insights into the markets and a nuanced understanding of cultural subtleties. With a network spanning international and Eastern European spheres, we are optimally positioned to provide comprehensive services for preserving and promoting the legacy of artists, ensuring their contributions are strategically showcased and valued in the art world.

In addition to our work with estates, we proudly represent a carefully selected roster of contemporary artists from Eastern Europe. We are committed to managing their international careers, helping them gain recognition and success on a global scale. Our expertise in the art market, combined with our deep understanding of Eastern European culture, enables us to offer our artists the support they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world. Together, we strive to bring the rich and diverse artistic expressions of Eastern Europe to a wider audience, celebrating both the enduring legacies of the past and the vibrant creativity of the present.

  • Francis Carr
  • Suzanne Perlman
  • Gábor Király

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