Suzanne Perlman (1922-2020)

Suzanne Perlman was a Hungarian-Dutch visual artist known for her expressionist portraits and landscape paintings. Her bold use of colour has its origins in her early paintings of the tropical island of Curaçao, where she moved with her husband in 1940 to escape Nazi persecution. Her expressionist style developed under the tutelage of Austrian master Oskar Kokoschka in the late 1950s, with whom she worked in Salzburg in the 1960s. Reviewing a 1993 Exhibition as his Critic’s Choice in The Times, John Russell Taylor, art critic and author, wrote that “(Perlman) captures the particular feel of the place while abating none of her expressionist dash”. Perlman studied at Columbia University School of the Arts, Instituto Allende and at Saint Martin’s School of Art.