Lady Love 3 (2017), oil on canvas, 188,5 x 139 cm.

Oana Farcas (b. 1981)
Oana Farcas’s narrative, vivid and highly evocative pictorial worlds are richly complex. They elide easy definition or description. Dreamlike, surreal elements run like a leitmotif through the artist’s paintings. There is usually at least one protagonist – sometimes more – who are often masked or disguised by hair pulled over one eye, a hood or a shadowing hat. Furtive glances and even clandestine nuances suggest secrecy, heightened tension and drama. The viewer is enthralled but also disorientated by the richly-hued theatrical and even at times circus-like nature of the worlds Farcas creates. Mysterious objects, disturbing places and furtive postures and gestures further confuse and unsettle. At the same time, Farcas’s paintings still feel very intimate – as if she has provided a window into her private thoughts and dreams, sharing imagined sensations and ambiguous ideas.

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