Prophet (2019), faux metal, 38 cm.

Gergő Kovách (b. 1974)
Having caught the eye of collectors not only in his homeland but internationally as well, the work of Hungarian sculptor Gergő Kovách has been exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Cologne and Budapest. A self-described compulsive creator, Kovách views his practice as a means to respond to mundane, everyday impulses with bright humour and witty originality. Whether it be Hungarian fables, visual clichés or literary masterpieces, the sculptor draws inspiration from a wide range of cultural products surrounding him, often reconstructing familiar narratives of Hungarian traditions with clever absurdity. Producing miniatures as well as large-scale objects, Kovách’s work is characterized by lively colours and playful shapes, often evoking the visual world of illustrated children’s books. Purposefully built on straightforward concepts, the sculptures of Kovách allow multiple interpretations and encourage open-ended discussions about reimagining visual traditions.