Fighting Bulls (2021), acrylic, spray paint, ink on canvas, 200 x 200 cm.

Barnabás Lakatos Gelléri (b. 1997)
Awash in sensual, radiant colour, the young artist Barnabás Lakatos Gelléri’s large-scale canvases freely adopt the palette of Pop Art — or perhaps anachronistically, the Fauves — with the gestures of Neo-Expressionism. Still a student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Lakatos Gelléri is already something of an icon of the ‘Queer Budapest’ movement, an initiative bringing together and showcasing queer artists. His work finds its energy in a street art aesthetic of flattened perspective, aerosol paint and bold figuration, as well as a powerful sense of resistance to the conservatism of Hungary’s establishment.

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