Bridging Art Worlds: Connecting London and Eastern Europe

Over two decades in the Hungarian and international art markets, including a tenure at Sotheby’s London, David developed an extensive network in both the primary and secondary markets. What sets him apart is his unique ability to bridge two distinct art worlds – Eastern Europe and the international scene via London. Fluent in the languages and intricacies of both markets, David possesses a profound understanding of the dynamics at play, enabling him to offer bespoke services to clients on both sides.

Championing Eastern European Art

David’s passion for Eastern European art takes multiple forms. At the heart of his mission is the promotion of talented contemporary artists. Representing a carefully curated stable of these artists, he provides them with a platform to showcase their work to the world. David Kovats represents a diverse range of contemporary artists from Hungary and Eastern Europe, aiming to elevate their international recognition.

A Depth of Experience

In the secondary art market, David’ expertise lies in the realm of late 19th-century to post-war art. He frequently collaborates with auction houses, offering his expertise on Eastern European artworks. His role involves providing valuation and advice, linking professionals, sourcing artworks for collectors, and connecting institutions to exceptional pieces.

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